Finally, we have been given a chance to move into the realm of Android development within our own terms and IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

*Mono for Android for Visual Studio 2010 will not work with Visual Studio Express.*

First of you must have a Windows PC and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Premium, or Ultimate.
Next you must install the Java SDK. Be sure to install the 32 bit JDK for “Windows”, not “Windows x64”.

Install Java SDK

Then once you have completed that install, you will need to install the Android SDK from Google. You will need to download the Windows SDK Installer; I suggest the installer_r10-windows.exe for ease of install.

Install Android SDK

Once you run the installer, please run the SDK Manager. You will need to install at least the Android SDK Tools, revision 10; as well as Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 3.

At this time you will also need to install one or more SDK Platforms; these will be the Android version such as 1.6 and 2.2.

Now we are ready to configure the Emulator/Simulator to test your applications as you develop them. You can run various configurations to simulate different devices. You will need at least one to begin as a default of some sort.

Select Virtual Devices within the Android SDK and AVD Manager.

Then click the “New” button to create a new device. This will create a new window to configure the device with the settings to your liking. You can set it as so as a jump off point:

Once you have finished, click the “Create AVD”. You may receive an alert message like below, this is good because it informs you everything is running smoothly.

You are now done configuring the Emulator, but please be sure not to start the Emulator from the Android SDK Setup application. MonoDroid will launch the Emulator for you.

As the last and final step, we will be installing MonoDroid for Visual Studio 2010. You can download the free trial below:

Install MonoDroid

*All instances of Visual Studio 2010 before continuing with the install.*

Please be sure to read the End-User License Agreement carefully, once you accept the terms, MonoDroid will be installed:

You are now done with the install of MonoDroid for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. If you have any other questions or concerns and have not yet downloaded the Source Code for this project, I strongly suggest doing so. Seeing it in its entirety can help clear up many of your questions. Thank you for your time and I hope this has been helpful, take care.

Download Source Files